Agonizing and Terribly Beautiful Week (5)

    January 28. It is day three of my back hurting. It hurts when I get up from bed, it hurts when I move too fast (don't worry, my complaining is almost over), it hurts when I’m walking and it hurts when I’m sitting. If I’m lay in one position for too long, it’ll start to hurt. When I say it, I’m referring to my lower back. I was limited in my movement, and little things became tough.

    Changing clothes became one of the hardest things. I was able to put underwear on after three trial and error methods, my shirt, and that’s it. It hurt when I reached down in attempt to put on my sock and for some reason my shorts were being difficult. Today was not that much better than yesterday but it was still better. 

    January 29 and it still hurts. The pain was not intense but it’s presence was known. Things are looking good though. I was at about 60% yesterday and today, I feel like I’m at 80%. I was able to shower and change. The socks were still my most difficult task when it came to changing and I still couldn’t bend that way. I managed to get the left sock on but not the right. I almost asked someone at home to help me, but I had to give it another shot. I took a deep breath, got the yoga mat, stretched for solid 5 minutes and voila, my left sock was on! I was excited to be better than yesterday. 

       I went out to get some sushi and I was happy to be out of my room. I saw my old manager that I haven’t seen since 2017, super random. I also went out to take photos! It was my first day driving since I hurt myself. Eagle Rock was looking great at golden hour. Out of nowhere, a rainbow appeared, even though no rain happened. I was happy that I was out and had my camera, tomorrow looks to be even better.

    January 30 and I’m feeling pretty good. I know I’m still not 100% because I was not able to get up off the bed naturally. I felt more mobile than ever though and I like how I’ve developed the habit of stretching first thing in the morning. It sucks that I had to get hurt really bad for me to make this part of my routine but I’m glad it happened. Today was jam packed with great activities.

    I had a really good meeting with a local business, had lunch with my brother at Noodleworld, took photos of him with Valentino Kahn Billboards in Eagle Rock, randomly bought a lens (50mm f/1.8 STM for $50), took more photos of eagle rock, did some editing and I even cleaned the kitchen. 

    I know I’m not at 100% but I’ll take a high 80% any day. I’m glad that once I got the chance, I finally started moving. Watching countless episodes of the office is great but being productive beats that any day. I can’t wait until I’ll be able to workout (AND PROPERLY STRETCH) but until then, I’ll focus on rehabilitating my back. I really missed taking photos, glad to be back on my feet. 

    January 31 hmmm.. I honestly expected to be 100% today but things are still a tad off. It still hurts when I get in and out of my car, getting up off the floor still needs some adjustments and my right side just isn't 100%. I was supposed to shoot at a show but am unable to so I'm going to spend Thursday night in with my mom. That's a great night in my book. Tomorrow appears to be eventful.

    February 1 and I am in shock. I had a different mindset and things were going crazy today, in my favor. I got another lens that is an upgraded version of what I have and it's possible I might make money on the exchange so I'm happy with that. I also set a goal to land 4 clients this month and the universe was kind enough to hand it over all on the first day of the month.

    It doesn't hurt anymore when I go in and out of my car and I can get up properly. I'm so glad I can move and I'm more pleased that I have been stretching multiple times every day. When everything appears to be going my way, I just think about what I've done in the past that lead up to this. It honestly is simple math.

Past + Present = Future.

    Since were not time travelers, we can stop trying to change the past because it has yet to be proven to be a possibility. That leaves us with the present. The present is going to become your past and if you work on it now, your future benefits. Or you could could do whatever you please. What you can do for sure is smile because I'm smiling at any of you that have read this far. Since I was in bed so much, I decided to document my days and see my improvements. If I compare how I feel right now versus last Saturday.. its day and night. I can't believe how immobile I was. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to read my words. I hope you smiled and possibly laughed, even if it was to my demise. You'll hear from me soon!


Posted on  04/02/2019 08:19 I love to see my Mini PIn stretch first thing in the morning. Maybe it is a reminder that we all must stretch. I am hoping each day you feel much better.
Keith W Alcantara
Posted on  04/02/2019 09:55 Thank you Sonia, that means so much. Yes, stretching is very important. It doesn't take much out of our day but we can benefit so much from doing so. I feel so much better than last week and I think I'll feel even better next week. Thank you for reading!

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