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Week 1

    Today is the end of the first week of the year. It wasn't a full week but rather 6 days since January 1 was on a Tuesday but you get the picture.  A lot has happened. I got in touch with some old customers, was contacted by future opportunities and for the first time in my life.. I threw out my back. I'm at the prime age of 26 and didn't think this was going to happen to me until I hit 50 or 60 years old. It happened around 4pm, January 3. I had a photoshoot planned the next day and sadly, I had to cancel.

    At 4am, the morning after the incident, I had woken up with stomach pain and knew I had diarrhea. Damn buffalo wild wings.. I was in my onesie and since my mobility was fucked, I looked like a complete moron crying and trying to take it off so I could sit on the toilet.. naked. The pain of the diarrhea was killer, my back wasn't having it.. and my butt cheeks were cold. All I could think of is "damn.. I can't wait until all of this is over." After going back to sleep and waking up with more pain, I thought I was a goner. I was supposed to watch my cousin graduate and become a Sheriff but I was stuck in bed. I did get some medicine from my mom. It was Meloxicam. After googling it, it was nice to see it was non steroidal and it was even better to feel the pain subside. I did some stretching, walking and by dinner time, I was in Chinatown with my family and the new Sheriff, my cousin Kevin. I even rescheduled the photoshoot for the next day and things are looking up .Though this start of the year wasn't the best, it's something I will never forget and it made me never take my good health for granted. When everything seems to be going wrong, just remember that it too, will pass.


Posted on  07/01/2019 07:26 Whoa too much TMI
Keith A.
Posted on  13/01/2019 17:49 Lol my blog will have a lot of information for sure. I'm glad you felt it was too much because that's what I was feeling that morning. It was rough but yea, I'm going to get personal on this page. I hope you get a chance to read again :)
John Goldfarb
Posted on  19/01/2019 04:47 Just browsing FB and saw your blog. Don't stop posting; it's great to turn pain & frustration into a reminder to appreciate good health, something we take for granted until it disappears -- hopefully temporarily.
John Goldfarb
Posted on  19/01/2019 10:02 This post is a great reminder to appreciate good health while we have it and never to take it for granted. Making it "personal" and detailed drives home that message in a powerful way.
Keith W Alcantara
Posted on  20/01/2019 17:10 Thanks John, that means a lot and you totally got the message. Im really young (26) and I've never been in excruciating physical pain. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood), I've never fainted and and my injuries were at most a sprain. That being said, it was really odd for me to not be able to move and just feel pain laying down. I'm still stretching to this day and I'm glad that pain is over for now. Now I have to maintain myself so I can continue to do what I do. Thank you so much for read
Ann Carpenter
Posted on  27/01/2019 16:57 Loved this post! I had my first child at 26, graduated from PCC at 30, and I went from being on the swim team and weight-lifting (i.e.-in good shape) to doing nothing except raising my daughter & tutoring English to a rich girl in San Marino. When my back went out, I was still 30, and the pain was so bad that I literally could not get out of bed. I kind of rolled off the bed & onto the floor. Then I painfully dragged myself along the floor & down the hall to the bathroom. I remember
Keith W Alcantara
Posted on  27/01/2019 19:22 I'm glad you understand, sadly, this has happened again! Feel free to check out my latest blog post to see what I'm talking about.

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