Week 2

    So it's been winter for a 23 days now and the temperature is lower than usual. We were warned that this winter was going to be colder than previous ones but we're still going to complain because Los Angeles has spoiled us. We get on average 284 sunny days out of the year, which is 79 more days than US average. Once the "cold" sets in, everyone goes crazy (including me) and gears up as if were all going to big bear.. and its actually only 61° F. I expressed that I love the cold weather, that's it's my favorite type of weather and there's no changing my mind for the first 25 years of my life. That all changed when I went to go visit my buddy Justin in England. 


    When I planned my trip to Europe, I checked the weather and thought "not too bad, I'll be fine." I was not fine. I brought a terrible selection of clothes. No real coats, weak thin thermals and the thinnest socks. I actually brought thicker socks but didn't think to warm my feet up.. until the day before I was going home. Even wearing my warmest fit, I as shivering in the sun. Whenever I'm in Los Angeles and think it's cold, I always just remember walking in the rain, no umbrella in Bristol and Justin giving me a pep talk on how it sucks being in the cold but it would suck less if you just embrace it. I get happy when I think about that story but I also remember how cold I was, and this LA cold is nothing compared to that, making my current situation not so terrible. 

    The forecast in LA says that it's going to rain for the next four days. Last week they said it was supposed to rain for 3 days straight but it rained for about 3 hours. It's funny that forecasts are simply that, glorified guesses, but it's better than nothing. I'm hoping they're wrong again because I got a new lens and I want to use it. If there's gaps of no rain, I might just have to walk around the neighborhood and snap away. Until next time, thanks for reading <3



Posted on  29/01/2019 08:24 Ya Californians no nothing about cold weather XD I still make the mistake everytime I got to England cause I forgot what the cold feels like.
Keith W Alcantara
Posted on  30/01/2019 21:41 You're totally right. Hopefully next time I'll be well prepared so I won't catch myself shivering in the sun haha

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