Week 3

    The LAUSD teachers went on strike on Monday, January fourteenth and the weather wasn’t pretty. It rained constantly all day but that didn’t stop the protestors. I thought it was going to be a light rain but it rained for four days. Luckily for me, I didn't have to be outside much. On the fourth day, the rain was light and it appeared to be leaving soon so I took action. 

 I wanted to take pictures of the protesters on the first day, but my camera isn’t weatherproof. A bigger reason is that I'm a princess and I don't like being in the rain. Luckily, when I decided to take pictures, the rain stopped and I got some of teachers and supporters outside of Eagle Rock High School. I made sure to post it and share the photos with our community via Facebook and I got some really nice responses. A local actually changed her profile picture and cover photo to the photo I took and expressed how happy it made her. She recognized so many teachers in the photo and listed them. It always makes my day when a photo I took brings someone joy. The power to make someone smile is priceless to me.

    After I posted the photo on the Facebook group, people were mentioning that I should go to other schools, so I did the very next day. I went to Buchanan Elementary and Delevan Drive. I took group photos at both and shared them once again on that Facebook group. I plan on doing the same thing for different schools come Tuesday. I plan on going to Rockdale Elementary, Dahlia Heights, Fletcher Elementary and any other school I could find on the way. The last time a strike happened that involve the LAUSD was 30 years ago, so this is the first one I'm experiencing. At the end of the day, I just want the best for the children in school right now because they truly are the future. 

    In other news the Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl. I didn’t watch much football this season nor did I ever in previous years, but it's always nice to see a Los Angeles team in the final round. The Super Bowl is on February 3 which happens to be my sister's birthday. I have a feeling we're going to have some sort of party, that'll be fun. We’re going against none other than the Patriots making this Tom Brady’s 9th Super Bowl. He’s forty years old and is looking for his sixth ring. The Dodgers just lost two world series’ in a row so it’d be nice to get this win. 

    I think I’m going to write my next blog post in the middle of the week. I notice I only talk about 2 or maybe 3 events when there’s actually so much more going on. I’m not going to share EVERY thing because well, no one really should. I do plan on sharing moments that I think are interesting, funny, random, or maybe a little bit of all. I’m glad to see some comments on my other posts and I look forward to hearing whatever you have to say. Bye for now!   

PS. I took the pic of these trash bins to show that even garbage could look great with with some composition work and natural lighting. Overcast is one of my favorite settings to shoot in. I also muted some colors so green & blue could shine. Thanks again for reading :) - Keith

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