Week 4

    Some major déjà vu for any previous readers coming right up. Specifically, I’m talking about that time I threw out my back, had terrible diarrhea, missed my cousin’s graduation and cancelled a photoshoot all within two day span. Well exactly three weeks later, a similar sequence occurred. I threw out my back playing basketball, missed my cousin’s dinner (same cousin) and had to cancel a photoshoot the next day. It wasn’t until I successfully rescheduled the photoshoot that I had the feeling, I’ve gone through this before. Déjà vu doesn’t really freak me out because it just reminds me our whole life is patterns. We can change those patterns and we can make occurrences happen over and over again. This is where I got deep in my mind.

    Patterns are everywhere. A lot of us are doing the same things, but different outcomes are handed individually based on whatever they’ve done in the past. Everyone is pressing buttons, communicating with other people, most likely looking at a screen, getting on some sort of vehicle for transportation, receiving money for their actions, eating food, drinking water, putting clothes on, spraying water down their ass crack, and also, they’re probably complaining. If you do all of the above we’ll you’re a lot like me because I just thought of things I do.


    Now that we’re thinking how our lives are similar, let’s think of the typical daily pattern, you could also call it a routine. Wake up, bathroom, breakfast, work, lunch, home, dinner, and sleep, with different inserts of your choosing in between. Many people have hobbies that they squeeze in their regular routine and some even go crazy and change that pattern up entirely. Maybe one day you won’t sleep, or possibly work 26 hours, or maybe no work today so you you decided to have lunch 3 times before going to dinner. The point I’m trying to make is that you get to choose what your daily life consists of, which ultimately proves you really choose your life. Of course unexpected events will occur that we don’t get to choose but we still get to choose how we react to that then. Choosing what you do on a daily basis results in higher will power which allows you to react well to anything, even devastating news. 

    Getting to choose the patterns you go through in your life gives you great power. The big problem I see is that people think they must do certain things to keep their pattern (life) going, which leads them to forget that have the power to choose NOT only what they do in between their daily pattern, but the whole pattern itself.

    When I hurt my back, there was no one else to blame but me. I chose not to stretch enough before playing basketball. I hadn’t played an actual game of basketball with strangers for probably two years. If I made a better decision, I would have spent at least fifteen minutes stretching, I spent about three minutes. I also barely stretched afterwards so the reason I’ve been in bed for two days is because I made poor decisions so ultimately, I’m paying for it. On paper, I should be really upset and full of regret because I feel like time is being wasted. That’s one way to look at it but this is how I really see it. I went through this before and I was fine, so obviously I can handle not being able to walk for a couple of days.

     If I didn’t hurt my back, this whole blog would be different and until I could walk again, I’ll be in my room stretching and watching the office. I watched 28 episodes yesterday. Insane. The pain is only present when I’m sitting or on my feet for over a minute or if I move the wrong way. However, it is nowhere near as painful as the first time around and I’ve found different ways to maneuver myself. I’ll be up soon and I really can’t wait to take pictures. What’s included in your routine? Any activities you want to add to your pattern? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Bye for now :)


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