Week 9

Some pretty neat things went down for me last week. 

First, I'd like to talk about how grateful I am with my calendar. Ever since I started my photography business, all I ever wanted was to start filling up my calendar. I wanted to do something at least once a week and that never happened to me until last month. February was the first time that I had something planned every weekend and I smiled so big when Iooked  at my planner and saw the gigs lined up. Mach is looking just as good with at least 1 event to shoot every weekend. Eventually, i would want to start filling up my weekdays but right now I'm going to bask in the joy of my weekends being filled with photo shoots.

I knew this wouldn't ave happened without me thinking about it, that's step 1. After thinking about what you want to happen though, you can't stop there. You need to put in the work and really map out how you're going to get to your goal. This is going to require setting mini goals and even micro goals to eventually get to the main goal. If you just think of what you want and try to put it in the "universe's" hand without doing work, you might look at the zodiac calendar and wonder what you're doing wrong. Lack of a good work ethic is the slow death of many and I'm glad I don't lack that.

Another thing that had happened to me involved me shooting a new born baby. I had seen a facebook post about someone needing photos of newborn twins and I really wanted to shoot that. The thought of people geting high quality photos of them when they're new to this world is awesome to me and I wish that for everyone. I contacted the person but they had already booked another photographer, no worries there and it's probably best since I didn't do it because I have 0 experience when it comes to newborns. Here's where the crazy happens. The very next day, I had some headshots planned for a client at their home. To my surprise, her daughter just had a baby that same week and asked if I could do a quick photoshoot with the new child. I froze for a second and just thought wow.. I guess I wanted it that bad and the law of attraction knew it so there was the baby right in front of me and all I could think about is getting pictures of this kid every year until his wedding day. That would be so cool! 

One more thing from this week. I found an iPhone on the road next to my car one day. It was in working condition and right away, I put themselves in my shoes and just thought what would I want someone to do if they found my phone. I thought since it would be my responsibility, I would have to call my phone back and set up plans to get it. So, I waited for someone to call, which they did and I arranged to meet up with them.  The phone didn't have a case and I had some laying around so put their iPhone in a case. They were working at a Papa Johns and thanked me with a free Pizza. The pizza was great and I was happy that the phone was back in it's owners hands.

This week was great and great things have been happening continually. March is looking to be fantastic and I think I might change up this blog. I was going to start posting a vlog (video blog) in exchange for a written blog because I like recording myself talking more than typing. Who knows, if I make the time, I could just continue this blog and add the vlog. Would you like to see more videos of my life or is reading about it the better option. Let me know and have a great week! You'll hear from me soon :)


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