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Porter Robinson is my favorite artist. I never had a favorite artist before him.

All other music was always just "pretty good".

I had the honor of watching one of Porter's last Worlds sets at EDC 2017.

I had left Boombox Cartel's set early just to make sure I didn't get stuck in any crowded area. The set did not disappoint and it ended with Language playing during the EDC Fireworks. If you were there, you understand. If you weren't we could still speak the same Language. <3

Canvas Details

- Tight Corners and Sealed Back

- No Bubbles, Ripples, or Bumps
- Certified Museum-Grade

- Archival Ink (prevent fading/preserve detail)

- OBA-free (ensure quality & accuracy) 


The canvas pictured is the 24" x 36"

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