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This photo was taken at sunrise. The sun was behind me and it was actually still dark. When the sun does hit the tree it looks terrific and when it doesn't, its a nice silhouette. The natural hues helped this photo become even better and the buildings in the corner is my neighboring city, Glendale. Also, Mr. Moon makes a surprise appearance during sunrise

Canvas Details

- Tight Corners and Sealed Back

- No Bubbles, Ripples, or Bumps
- Certified Museum-Grade

- Archival Ink (prevent fading/preserve detail)

- OBA-free (ensure quality & accuracy) 


*The canvas pictured is the 24" x 36"

** 11x14 prints are cropped differently, as shown in the last photo. 

*11x14 print cuts off the city, I prefer the moon so I chose to crop it like so.

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